Low back pain and neck pain are the most common medical conditions for working women who have also the dual responsibility to make up as a homemaker.

This problem crops up mostly after the 30s. Though men do go through bouts of back pain – but it is most chronic ailment in case of women. Here are 5 Tips to Prevent Back Pain for women.

Little factors such as poor postural habits over time can lead to these painful conditions. Popping up painkillers, or readily reaching out for bums and sprays can give you momentary relief – but the pain surely comes back the next day.

An article in Femina points out: “All you need to do is adopt the correct posture during ADL (Activities of Daily Living). Physical activity also plays a vital role in whole-body wellness but adopting Correct Form during activities of daily living and exercise is KEY!” – if you want to prevent back pain in the long run.

Here are 5 Tips to Prevent Back Pain from that article:

Travel and carry luggage with right walking postures

If you are a working woman or you must visit groceries every day, you must carry a lot of luggage. Like, you may have to carry a laptop at the office, and you may have to carry heavy vegetable bags of groceries, and so on.

The way you lift and carry bags and luggage puts a whole lot of force on our backs and any rotational or bending force acting on the back can lead to severe back pain.

You need to take care that your luggage doesn’t hurt your back. A right body posture while walking will help you keep back pain at bay.

Don’t drop your head at workstation or when you are busy with mobile

A bad posture while sitting, standing or working on a laptop, when you are busy on mobiles or tabs puts uneven pressure on the spine, giving rise to numerous muscular imbalances and a whole lot of postural faults.

According to this article, “A bad static posture slows down the circulation which in turn reduces the amount of oxygen and nutrition coming to the muscles. This gives a chance for early degenerative changes in the spine.”

You need to sit straight while working or stop stooping down for a longer period while you are using your smartphones. If you practice padmasana or sitting in lotus posture every day for a couple of minutes, slowly you shall make a habit of sitting in correct spinal postures.

Take breaks at regular intervals if you must sit for the whole day

A lot of working woman are workaholic and as they occupy the managerial position, they must sit down for a longer period.

Scientists doing research on spine and back problems have come up with a term `SITTING IS THE NEW SMOKING !!! That means sitting for the longer period is akin to smoking and makes you susceptible to health risks. They have found sitting for long periods of time increases your risk of colon, endometrial and, possibly, lung cancer.

Taking regular breaks and changing posture often while you are busy at the desk will relieve the stress on your spines.

Though many people tend to stand up and work, due to this, we suggest avoiding this, because it makes you stoop down for a longer period and puts the stress of the shoulders, back of the neck and ultimately hurts the backbone.

Take a clean break, that means walk away for a couple of minutes after every 2 hours from your workstation. There are numerous articles on the web which shows physical exercises at work– exercises that you can do for a couple of minutes while sitting down on your chair.

Use proper pillow while you sleep or take rest

We all have the habit of jumping to a cozy bed after a hard day of work with lots of fluffy big pillows at back. Often after hard days of work, we put a big pillow behind our neck and start pressing the remote button at stay glued to screen for an hour or two till midnight.

We should shun this, because though it gives momentary relief – but in both cases, it creates tension at our spinal chord in a long time. As a result, we get a sore back and stiff neck when we wake up next morning.

Ideally, after returning home, and even if you are a homemaker, you should practice neck, shoulder and back stretching exercises for half an hour at evening. And you shouldn’t sleep in a bed which is made of fat cushions.

The right pillow is one which supports you right from the shoulders to the head and the neck. The height of the pillow should be such that the neck should always be in line with the entire spine. This is what a good pillow should be for your back.

Do meditation and proper cardio exercise at every morning

Correct lifestyle is the best tip to prevent your back pain. Many a working woman have the habit of smoking and indulge in boozing at parties. Now, this can’t be avoided always.

But maintaining a bunch of corrective and regenerating lifestyle and habit can help you prevent spine damages.

Firstly, meditation and open-air cardio exercises are the keys to prevent back pain. These two exercises help your lungs absorb oxygen which is circulated to your body parts. This rejuvenates the blood circulation, which eases muscle pain and stimulates your nerves. Not only this, proper cardio exercise stimulates your digestive system, which in turn flushes out the harmful toxins from your body.

And, secondly, you should opt for a back and neck massage therapy for once in every week. This will not only ease your muscle pains but also stimulate your nerves, increases blood circulation in the muscles and vital organs and gets new blood and oxygen moving to that area, keeping it nourished.