So how are you welcoming this summer? With lots of cold drinks and ice creams and sugary iced sorbets? Overindulgence of cold drinks and ice creams may lead to unnecessary weight gain.

We all love our summer vacations but we often tend to overlook the healthy summer foods. Here are 5 Summer Foods for Women to Beat the Heat.

1. It’s time for the Watermelons:

No summer food list can start without this amazing waterlicious summer fruit. Besides being the ultimate provider of water, this fruit has lycopene, which has the property of protecting skin from sun damage. Moreover, due to its high water content, it will keep you full for a long time and help fighting obesity.

Not only are melons tasty, they also help maintain your hydration level. Did you know a melon was made up of 90% water? So next time you’re hungry this summer, opt for some healthy snacking with almost zero calories with these melons.

2. Lime water:

A simple glass of the good old nimboo paani is all that you need to stay cool this summer. Not only does this tasty drink keep you hydrated, but also has a bunch of health benefits.

A chilled glass on a hot summer afternoon is all that it takes to regulate your body temperature and bring your energy level back to normal. Full of vitamin C it has numerous health benefits and it is an amazing detox.

3. Try the Cool Cucumber:

The Cucumber has a high water content that cleans bodies by removing toxins. Also, cucumbers are great for heart health due to its immune boosting and anti-inflammatory effects. You can have cucumber in many tasty forms as cucumber juice, cucumber salads etc.

4. Yummy Yogurt:

What can be more summer effective than a cup of yogurt? Yes, during these sweaty days you can be cooled down by some yogurt. Have it as buttermilk, lassi, raita or simply eat it straight out of a bowl, the curd is the perfect coolant for your stomach this summer.

Yogurt is rich in protein that will also keep you full. Hence you won’t be looking for other unhealthy snacks to bite on. Yogurt is also known to have a great pro-biotic property that makes it super good for managing your digestive system.

5. The ever re-freshening Coconut Water:

Coconut water has electrolytes that make it one of the best hydrating agents.Loaded with proteins, cooling agents, sugars, and electrolytes, coconut water helps keep your body hydrated.

Besides being an excellent cooling drink, it helps in reducing blood pressure level, provides anti-aging properties, acts as a natural diuretic besides being a refreshing summer drink.

Heat exhaustion is a heat-related illness that can occur after you’ve been exposed to high temperatures and is often accompanied by dehydration. These are 5 Summer Foods for Women to Beat the Heat and keep them hydrated at the office or home this summer. These time tested healthy options would surely help you fight the heat and enjoy your summer vacation better!