The festival of colour, Holi is one of the most cheerful festivals in India.

Holi is one of the most important Hindu festivals and is celebrated with much fanfare by the Hindu community, across the world. The joy of being drenched in hues of blue, pink, red, green and yellow colours is above all festivals.

Marked with gujiyas, snacks, water balloons, bhang and freedom to apply colours on each other, the festival of Holi, however, can turn into a nightmare if some low-grade colours find their way on to your skin, hair or eyes.

Here’s a list of 5 easy tips that can come to your rescue! Learn how to take care of your skin and hair from Holi colours.

1. Ice cubes:

Before applying anything, massage your face with ice cubes for about 10 minutes as they have the ability to close the open pores. Once this is done, apply organic oil or sunscreen. Doing this will keep acne at bay.

2. Apply Oil to Hair and Skin:

Apply oil to your face and the exposed part of the skin. You can go for coconut oil or almond oil, which will help to protect your skin from colours.

Just like your face, apply oil on your hair too. Go for a head massage a night before, this will help to create a barrier against the colours. This way you can take care of your skin and hair from Holi colours.

3. Keep a bowl of curd handy:

Don’t play or stay wet for more than two hours. Focus on playing dry Holi. Wash your face regularly.

Keeping a bowl of curd handy may be helpful and do apply it occasionally. This way you will not only remove colours from your face, but it will also help keep your skin moisturized and hydrated.

4. Apply Lemon Juice to your scalp:

If you have a sensitive scalp, apply a few drops of lemon juice. The citrus fruit will help to protect your scalp from any infection triggered by the toxic colours. This is a great way to take care of your hair from Holi colours.

5. Remove Colours before it dries:

For your face, you can use lukewarm water to wash off the colours. Add 2 tbsp. of lemon juice to a bowl of curd. Apply this on the areas affected with colours and then, take a bath with normal or lukewarm water.

While removing colours, don’t rub your skin too much, this can damage your skin. Instead, use oil to remove the colours gently.

So these are 5 tips on how to take care of your skin and hair from Holi colours!