The love for beauty has prompted women to try many unconventional things. This is very true about jewellery where junk jewellery has made a space for itself, becoming an alternate fashion accessory. Today Junk Jewellery is the latest fashion craze for ladies where a substantial stratum of society loves experimenting with beauty trends.

It took a while for this type of jewellery to gain mainstream status though. From the time when jewellery and jewellery designing was applied largely to precious metals like gold and silver, many also loved “junk” jewellery which was crafted with materials like pearls, beads, base metals, glass, shells, and wood.

Today silver-plated jewellery and copper plated jewellery has become synonym for junk jewellery. Fashion jewelry today are boldly flaunted by many Bollywood divas. Not only the younger generation of starlets by the older heartthrobs today too flaunt junk jewellery with élan.

Freedom, progress and wild imaginations characterized the 20th-century European mindset. With the advent of the industrial revolution, making jewellery became more expressive as creative themes gained more takers and admirers.

The fondness for instant fashion in jewellery, that was conveniently changeable and cheap, grew in time. That led to crafting fashion jewellery with inexpensive metals and materials. Today the oriental countries are the latest connoisseurs of junk jewellery – where China leads a bulk amount in exporting junk jewellery to other countries. Junk Jewellery has become the latest fashion craze for ladies in India. It is here to stay.

Whether you are getting decked up for a wedding or a casual party, nothing can add oomph to your style statement like junk jewellery. It is bold, it is raw, and it is different. Junk jewellery brings a feminist persona where every woman has her own style to flaunt. It’s the signature of a new age woman.

Jewelry, as we all know, is an important part of our dressing. There are no age boundary and gender discrimination when it comes to fashion and ornaments today. It is true that there is practically nothing, which can bring a smile on our faces like a jangly necklace or pretty earrings or a funky bracelet. No matter what, jewelry lifts our spirits.

With bohemian styles and Indo-Western ruling the fashion market, there is no outfit that you can’t pair junk jewellery with!

Add a pair of ‘desi’ jhumkas with ripped jeans and a tank top, with jutis, and you’re ready to rock college fashion! An oxidized silver necklace paired with a spaghetti dress with block heels is a good outfit for traveling or shopping! Silver rings or chunky bracelets can be worn with jeggings/flaired pants/colettes and a flowy/loose top and comfortable flats/bellies. The combination can go endless!

So, what are you waiting for? Embrace the Junk Jewellery which is the latest fashion craze for ladies and check out the street markets for the latest trends. You can even buy online from various places like