When scorching temperatures put your town on heatwave alert, it’s time to make way for an airy white dress. Right? You’re wrong!

Days are gone when white ruled the Summer! There are a bunch of new shades that are putting the ramp on fire in the Spring/Summer collections.

While this year’s obsessions may have still been Millennial pinks, fire-engine reds and the occasional infusion of lemon yellow, next year will be all about the contrast between dark and light.

Here are a few Trending Colours in Summer for Women in 2019:

1. Powdery Ballet Pink:

Starting the spring 2019 colour trends on the most delicate note, we have this blush rose, powdery ballet pink colour that’s also so versatile and perfect to pair with all the other shades on daytime.

2. Pressed Rose:

Light as air and princessy to the core Pressed Rose is the colour that encompasses all the shameless femininity that was so iconic on the runways during the fashion month.

This precious pastel pink holds just a touch of warmth, especially when compared to its sibling, Sweet Lilac.

3. Sweet Lilac:

This baby pink has just a touch of lavender, making it one of the cool colour options in the spring 2019 colour trends. It is a gentle colour that is feminine but not sickly sweet.

4. Milk white:

A full, warm hue. Nothing to do with optical white, cooler and cyber-like. This shade was spotted on light, natural materials on garments conceived for an exotic journey.

5. Buttermilk Yellow:

This soft buttermilk yellow is a few shades lighter than its 2018 Gen-Z counterpart.

This colour is part of the classic colour collection. This shade is timeless, elegant, guarantee beautiful, usable colour all the time, every time.

6. Powder Blue:

After seeing a lot of sky blues in 2018, expect to move towards a slightly deeper powder blue. This is fresh and feminine.

7. Light Lavender:

Lavender is yet another pastel that made an appearance in the spring/ summer 2019 colour trends. It is a cool shade that works well with softer yellows, as well as with a deep neutral like Eclipse or Brown Granite.

8. Turmeric:

The eponymous spice is having a moment right now as one of the spring/ summer 2019 colour trends. It is a yellow-orange shade that is hard to miss, and pairs especially well with browns, reds, and even blues.

9. Egg-Yolk Pastel Yellow:

Take Lemon Verbena, add a splash of cream, and you end up with the loveliest shade of pastel yellow, which easily became one of the spring 2019 colour trends.

This gorgeous egg yolk shade pairs well with other pastels, for the perfect spring daytime look.

So these are the few Trending Colours in Summer for Women in 2019!