Black – this super-sophisticated and chic colour makes an oblivious presence in your mind stealing every single thought towards it, eventually landing you in a place where only elegance speaks.

Ask any lady, she will tell you with pride that black is her colour.

No other colour conveys as much as elegance and sophistication as the colour black and probably for the same reason, it is the most loved colour in Fashion. It can bring together opposing factors such as power and elegance in just one go.

If your fashion speaks volume about simplicity and royalty, then the colour black is the perfect combination for you. The dark shaded black saree has the power to create heart-beats instantly. We love how it’s simple yet so beautiful.

If too much detailing is not your thing and you want to wear something light and comfy then black cotton sarees seems like an ideal match. One can wear black cotton sarees for almost any occasion be it fancy or casual. You’ll fall in love with the simplicity and vibrant colour of the black cotton sarees.

A beautiful combination of black and white with printed drape area is a brilliant idea. Stripes have been an eternal design and charms any ensemble especially on the simple blouse. Plus, a saree with a distinctive blend of such bright shades, is not something you see every day.

“When in doubt, wear black”- this statement may sound quite banal yet that does not overshadow the significance and impact of black coloured outfits.

One of the most powerful hues – full of dignity and unmatched charm- black tends to carry an enigmatic vibe that never fails to impress. Black outfits can make you look slimmer and instantly boost your confidence! Have you noticed how the Bollywood heartthrobs from Madhuri to Priyanka to Deepika and Sonakshi enjoy flaunting black designer sarees?

Chitrangada brought such freshness in the air with her stunningly stylish black sari, which she accompanied with this equally gorgeous necklace piece. Her outfit clearly displayed every bit of regality.

Black is the most aristocratic colour above all. Black saree can be the ultimate fashion craze for you. Every year- in fact, every season has its own palettes and then there’s black- a hue that no one will probably ever get over with.

Buying a black saree is an investment- for you. You can flaunt the same outfit 3 years or even a decade later, irrespective of what would be trending at that time!