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About Chanderi Sarees:

Ancient texts speak of Madhya Pradesh as a famous center for weaving between the 7th century and the 2nd century BC. One of the historical identities of MadhyaPradesh, is situated on the boundary of two cultural regions of the state, Malwa and Bundelkhand.

Etymologically speaking the fabric Chanderi, received its name from a village, situated between the hills Vindhyachal in the state of Madhya Pradesh. The history of the evolution of this fabric is believed to date back to the Vedic period.

It gives a glimpse of history not just with its Mahals and temples but also the looms that used to weave cloth for the royal family. There are pitlooms as well as frame handlooms to weave the magic.

Chanderi is famous for the Silk Cotton saree that are handwoven with Zari motifs and borders. Cotton is used in the warp while silk in the weft giving it a shimmer that is not too jazzy. Ideally chanderi sarees come in 2/80 to 2/100 cotton along with 18/20 to 20/22 silk.

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