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About Kesh Sarees:

The khesh weaving process is simple. The warp is with new yarn and the weft is with strips of thin cloth obtained by tearing old sarees length wise.

Many of the traditional weavers in Birbhum who have learnt the craft from their fathers agree on the fact that the technique of weaving with shreds of old sarees, called “khesh”, was started in Shilpa Sadan in the early 1920s. This was the vocational training centre that Rabindranath Tagore had set up in Sriniketan, adjacent to Santiniketan which was where his academic institute, Visva Bharati was set up.

The word Khesh users in lots of beautiful colors and variety of combinations. It has been standing strong as a prized possession of Bengal with a dash of beautiful colors. Khesh successfully stands tall amongst its other competitors of art forms and is a winner in every way.

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